Independent Films

Daughter of the Bride

Category : Independent Films

Terri and her siblings react to the remarriage of their mother after their father’s death a year and a half earlier. Nominated for an Academy Award Short Subject Documentary; Best Documentary Short- Cleveland International Film Festival. (HBO 1998)

To Know Where They Are

Category : Independent Films

Terri and her father travel to Poland to find out what happened to family members during the Holocaust. Best of Festival- Birmingham Educational and Film Festival; Bronze Apple- National Educational Film & Video Festival (WETA 1990).

War in the Woods (in production)

Category : Independent Films

This independent production is a labor of love we have been working on for quite some time.  War in the Woods is the story of the timber wars of the 1980s and ‘90s, a battle fought to protect the last grove of ancient redwoods in Northern California and one of the last company towns in America. It is a story filled with pipe bombs and pepper spray, a cautionary tale that poses more questions than it answers:  What is the role of government in the preservation of natural resources? Do the rights of private companies outweigh the common good? How do we balance protecting the planet with protecting jobs? Directed by Terri Randall, written by Steven Reich.